The Piano. .||.|.||.|.|.||.

from Matty Brown PLUS 3 years ago NOT YET RATED

Nominated for an Emmy at the 2013 50th Annual Emmy Awards!

I wanted to take the prim and proper concert piano and pianists straight off the stage and throw them into the dusty, scary, grimy mess of the factory where these majestic black creatures are born.

I have always wanted to make a video with a piano in it and finally got the chance to make this quick little video! I have always been mesmerized by pianos, even just the look of them. They have always had an ominous quality to them. Their shiny, black skin, and volcanic vibrations inside. I wanted to show the piano the way I saw them…as passionate, living beings that suck the creative life out of anyone who touches them and feeds it into the ears of the listener.

Steinway let my cinematographer (Nathan Miller) and I into their factory to run around and shoot with some of their brand new crazy expensive pianos. It was a dream come true! They don’t let filmmakers or photographers in very often, so I am very grateful that they let us do the things I did inside there!! Haha! And to work with the pianists, having fun experimenting on this was one of the best times I’ve had this year. I almost got heat stroke, I sprained my ankle, and almost died from the fumes in the factory, but I (we) survived it! And thank you, Clay, for enduring the craziness!

Director, editor, sound design (Sony Vegas): Matthew Brown

Cinematographer (Canon 7D and HV40): Nathan Miller (

Piano Track Engineer: Steven Epstein


Arrangement for piano/four-hands by ANDERSON & ROE

Performed by the ANDERSON & ROE PIANO DUO (

Production Assistants:

Greg Anderson

Clay Doggett

Anthony Gilroy

Elizabeth Joy Roe

Special thanks to:

Steinway & Sons

the Yale School of Music

And HUGE thank you to the pianists for letting me beat them up, soak them, cover them in paint, and make them play their fingers off! You are two extremely talented people! WOW.